Original state

Several kinds of plastic clamps were used for side cover mounting. The side covers were mounted based on the type of the heating element and by locking on the body of the joining element or by fixing to an extra welded bolt.


Method 1

  • Higher logistics demands;
  • Various kinds of mounting;
  • Various kinds of covers, often in the left and right-side adjusted design;
  • The side connection is not stiff enough;
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Method 2

  • Method of bolt fastening is firmer, yet inconvenient from the technological point of view;
  • Bolt welding - another work operation;
  • It requires narrower tolerances;
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Innovated state

The mentioned deficiencies are substantially eliminated by a side cover mounting clamp. The base of the technical design lies in the fact that it consists of a guide cone, deformation neck-down, cylindrical sleeve, clamping fit and angular clamping cone.

Príchytka BKP_UNI-1 Príchytka BKP_UNI-2
Príchytka BKP_UNI-3 Príchytka BKP_UNI-4
  • The clamp can be made as an undetachable plastic unit;
  • The given technical design enables assembly for all the types of heating elements;
  • The given clamp has a wide spectrum of heating element mounting;
  • Provided better stiffness of heating element side cover sheet;
  • The given engineering solution will substantially reduce the possibility of any unwanted cover loosening;
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Initial state

Several kinds of plastic clamps were used for the side cover mounting. This clamp is used for connecting the grate of the top cover sheet by reinforcing against the fitting of the horizontal waterway and the internal surface of the heating element extended passage area.

  • They do not create sufficiently stiff top cover sheet grate and heating element connection;
  • The stiffness of the connection is largely dependent on production tolerances of the plastic clamps, heating elements and aging of the material of plastic clamps.

Innovated state

The given deficiencies are substantially reduced by a clamp mainly used for mounting of top cover sheets of heating elements with one panel and one extended passage area in accordance with the engineering solution, the base of which lies in the fact that it consists of an I-shape fixing part.

Príchytka Príchytka
Príchytka Príchytka
  • It will increase the stiffness of the top cover sheet mounting on heating elements;
  • The possibility of their undesirable loosening is sufficiently limited;
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A new complex system of side and top covering

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