Installing the radiator

on plasterboard wall

Plasterboard is a very popular construction material. Beside its numerous advantages, it has several disadvantages, including limited carrying capacity. If a heavier object needs to be fixed in plasterboard, in our case the radiator, it is necessary to use special anchors. Already when the structures are being designed, it is good to pre-select the anchoring point, and thus strengthen the plasterboard supporting structure or use thicker drywall by doubling the plasterboards. Installation can be also done on not reinforced wall, of course, respecting certain conditions and limits.

To secure the KORAD radiators onto plasterboard wall, it is recommended to use the LK101 brackets (or wall brackets). This type of bracket is mounted in two points, which increases its carrying capacity on plasterboard. In contrast, the angular bracket has only one anchoring point, and the bottom part of the radiator is practically only leaned on the wall. For this reason, this bracket is not very appropriate for this application.

For bracket anchoring, it is recommended to use fast and reliable metal expanding anchors type Fischer HM with metric bolt. The anchor arms are expanded behind the board and pushed onto a large area. Metric thread ensures easy and firm tightening. Special pliers facilitate and quicken the installation of HM anchors, but their use is not necessary. Anchor can also be expanded by bolt tightening. Anti-rotation locks (teeth) prevent bolt slipping during installation.

LK 101 bracket Expansion anchor HM Installation of HM anchor

Installation steps for installation of HM expansion anchor from Fischer:

Installation steps for installation of HM expansion anchor

Tips for installation:

  • When choosing the location of brackets, take into account the position of the structure beam profiles, on which the plasterboard is fastened.
  • Determine the weight of the radiator using the table, and compare it with the sum of all anchoring points' carrying capacity. When determining the radiator weight, add water mass. Not all types and sizes of radiators can be fixed this way!
  • Observe the specified drill size. Use drills designed for metal. It is recommended to use HM 4 or HM 5 size of expansion anchors with a minimum length of 32 mm for 12.5 mm thick plasterboard, and with a minimum length of 37 mm for double 25 mm walls.

Recommended shear load of HM anchor:

Plasterboard thickness Anchor type HM 4 x 32 S HM 4 x 46 S HM 5 x 37 S HM 5 x 52 S HM 5 x 65 S HM 6 x 37 S HM 6 x 52 S HM 6 x 65 S HM 8 x 55 SS
12,5 mm (kN) 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,20 0,25
25mm (kN) - - 0,30 0,30 0,30 0,30 0,30 0,30 -

Note: Force of 0.20 kN corresponds to 20 kg.

When installing radiators or other heavy objects, which could threaten life or health when falling, consult the selection of anchoring system with qualified experts!