Production overview

KORAD panel radiators

KORAD radiator panels are produced from two pressed steel sheets of 1, 2 mm thickness welded together along circumference by seam welds. A distance between vertical channels on pressed panels is 33, 33 mm, which enables to produce panels with multiples of the length of 100 mm. Convectors, i.e. an additional penetrabble area manufactured from a steel sheet, can be spot welded to panels. Its purpose is to enlarge the overall area of a heating body and to achieve improvement of its heat output in this way. Individual type sets of radiators consist of a different number of panels and convectors. The first number in the type marking represents a number of panels; the second number represents a number of convectors. Particular types are manufactured with construction heights of 300, 400, 500, 600 a 900 mm and the type designated for reconstructions is 550 mm high. A length varies from 400 mm to 3000 mm; however it can be limited for some models.

KORAD K - Kompakt
KORAD K - Kompakt The basic material for the radiator model range with a 4-point side connection and a shaped panel with vertical channels. Side covers and a top grid are a part of a radiator.
KORAD VK - Ventil Kompakt
KORAD VK - Ventil Kompakt Radiators with a 6-point connection and an integrated valve insert. The integrated valve body is preferably located on the right side and marked by the VKP sign. It enables to connect a radiator on the bottom side. The radiator fixture is designed to enable classical side connection too. These models produced on demand with a fixture located on the left side are marked with the VKL sign or with the VKS sign if a fixture located at the center is demanded. Radiators with a VK connection are produced up to the length of 2000 mm.
KORAD H Models marked with this mark are suitable for rooms with increased hygiene needs. It refers to Compact radiators or Compact valves without a penetrable area (convector), hence the type sets 10, 20 and 30. The type 20 is produced with 65 mm width by default. The type 20 can be produced with 100 mm width at customer's need. Such radiators are marked 20W then.
KORAD 550 - for reconstructions
KORAD 550 - pre rekonštrukcie The basic model range of radiators with a 4-point side connection and a shaped panel with vertical channels. Side covers and a top grid are a part of a radiator. Radiators are preferably designated as a replacement for steel and alloy sectional radiators, which share the same feeding dimension of 500 mm. They can also be manufactured with the flat front panel Plan. This type of radiators is wrapped with blue plastic corners for identification.
KORAD Plan It refers to Compact radiators or Compact valves with a flat front panel produced from a steel sheet glued to a panel with special elastic sealant. The surface treatment of front steel is identical with a surface treatment of a radiator. Such surface treatment can be used for any model, type or dimension range with a length limited up to 2000 mm.
Galvanized KORAD Radiator
Galvanized KORAD Radiator At first glance, the galvanized radiator is indistinguishable from a normal radiator. But the difference is great. The cleaned and degreased radiator surface is electrolytically coated by zinc layer. This layer forms the basis for radiator protection against corrosive environments. The zinc layer is then covered by the same finish as in standard production. The result is a radiator in RAL 9010 color.