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The latest firm version of calculation program TechCON 6.0 HzU has been released on November 9, 2013. This version was formed thanks to cooperation companies Herz, Certima and U.S. Steel Košice. Program works in OS Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8 and is created from 3 interconnected modules:
"Heat losses", "Central heating" and "Floor heating".

For detailed information and data see Internet site of markers of this software - Atcon systems, s.r.o. Bratislava

Link for program downloading:

KORADcalc 3.62

Calculation tool KORADcalc 3.62  (version XLSM, 680 kB) for MS Excel 2007 and later

Calculation tool KORADcalc 3.62  (version XLS, 1,1 MB) for MS Excel 2003

KORADcalc 3.62 calculation tool is designed for simple selection of panel radiators.

It was created in form of MS Excel application and is optimized for 2003 and 2007 program versions. Potential issues can be encountered during program start-up, which are caused by high-degree security used in MS Excel. It is recommended to set medium security level.(For version MS Excel 2003 go to: Tools\Options\Security\Macro Security\Security Level, for version MS Excel 2007 macro enable from Security warning is sufficient).

Calculation tool KORADcalc 3.62 consists from six modules. Language selection (Slovak, English, Russian) can be change in any module.

Modules description:

Ilustračný obrázok

First one, "Heat Loss Estimation" enables to find rough estimation of heat loss in the rooms, based on their size and location. However, for detailed specification of heat loss, we recommend to follow EN 12 831 standard.

Second module, "Selection of Radiator"enables to make selection of appropriate radiator, based on known desired values of heating capacity and calculated temperatures. Also, area parameters are considered in the selection, like window size and its distance from the floor.

In the third module, "Change Your Old Radiator" the new panel radiators can be selected, when replacing old ones or other types heating units.

It is the easiest way for specification of necessary heating capacity, if the customer was satisfied with the capacity of the old units, and naturally, if the ambient conditions didn't change (building constructions, temperature conditions).

Fourth module, "Other Conditions" provides the table of radiator heating capacities, modified according to preset temperature conditions.

Fifth module, "Technical Data" is helpful in assigning the properties of selected radiator types and enables to make summary of weights, water volumes and heating capacity of selected units.

Sixth the newest module, "Valve insert presetting" makes searching for valve insert presetting position easier and quicker. Valve insert HEIMEIER 4360 is part of radiators with "ventil compact" connection.