KORAD VK - Ventil Kompakt

Radiators with a 6-point connection and an integrated valve insert. The integrated valve body is preferably located on the right side and marked by the VKP sign. It enables to connect a radiator on the bottom side. The radiator fixture is designed to enable classical side connection too. These models produced on demand with a fixture located on the left side are marked with the VKL sign or with the VKS sign if a fixture located at the center is demanded. Radiators with a VK connection are produced up to the length of 2000 mm.


Pripojenie Ventil Kompakt
H heights 300, 400, 500, 600, 900 mm
L lengths 400 up to 3000 mm, pitch 100mm
Connection spacing h = H -54mm
Connection thread 6 x G 1/2" inside

Heating outputs and technical parameters PDF

Overview of types

Overview of types      Ilustračný obrázok

Recommended connection methods

Recommended connection methods
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