Galvanized KORAD Radiator

Till now, the application of steel panel radiators was limited to areas with low relative humidity of 30 to 60%. After changing the surface treatment, it is now possible to use these radiators also in humid areas such as toilets, swimming pools, relax and wellness centers. At first glance, the galvanized radiator is indistinguishable from a normal radiator. But the difference is great. The cleaned and degreased radiator surface is electrolytically coated by zinc layer. This layer forms the basis for radiator protection against corrosive environments. The zinc layer is then covered by the same finish as in standard production. The result is a radiator in RAL 9010 color. Of course, radiators can also be ordered in other color shades. To ensure perfect corrosion protection, the galvanized radiators are made only in types without convector plates. The maximum offered length of galvanized steel radiator is 2000 mm.


Connection Kompakt
Connection Ventil Kompakt
H heights 300, 400, 500, 550, 600, 900 mm
L lengths 400 up to 2000* mm, pitch 100 mm
Connection spacing h = H -54mm
Connection thread Kompakt = 4 x G 1/2" inside
Ventil Kompakt = 6 x G 1/2" inside
* for heights 550mm is valid: 400 up to 1000 mm with pitch 100 mm and 1200 up to 2000 mm with pitch 200 mm Ilustračný obrázok

Ilustračný obrázok
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